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How to choose the right office for your business


Choosing and moving into an office can be almost as stressful as moving into a new home. The boxes, the files, the computers right down to the last paperclip all have to find a new space. So, when you do move you want to make sure that your new office satisfies all your needs. Here’s what to look for:

What do you need from the office? Different businesses have different needs. Your business may be a creative agency, in which case you’ll want an office with good internet connections, IT support and to be in a like-minded area. Or if you deal in finance then your priorities could lie with being in a financial district. Before starting your search you need to know what it is your company needs, there are many office spaces out there which can help you run your business.

Location: For employees, clients and business networking purposes location is essential. Choosing an office near a major tube or train station is great for clients and employees. And having offices amongst like-minded businesses can benefit the productivity and creativity of your team.

Technology facilities and support: Technology is an essential part of any successful modern business and some companies need more advanced options than others. If you are working in design then a fast and reliable internet connection is needed. Just as much as IT support will provide instant help for an accounts firm that needs to zip off files at a moment’s notice.

Flexible offices for a mobile business: Increasingly more businesses are working from their laptop and using their mobile phone. This means that having a permanent office can be throwing money away, that’s why there is a boom in the number of people hot-desking at office lounges. There are also conference room facilities which can be used, making it easy to host meetings in a convenient location for clients.



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