Hot Desking

What are your opinions on hot desking?


Most people dislike not having a desk of their own. They do not like the idea of arriving at the office, grabbing their work and making for the nearest free desk available.

Yet like it or not, this way of working is on the increase, bringing a changing office culture. The driving force behind this is to reduce property costs and it is made possible by ever-improving electronics.

Three years ago 95pc of employees at ICL, the computer services company, had their own desks. Today, about 25pc of the 20,000 workforce have no desk of their own. Most people who use hot desking share their time completing some of their work at home and other in an office.


Those who are mobile workers automatically are hot-desk workers. Of course people are very territorial about space and in open-plan offices they personalise their space. With hot-desking they can't do that, it's the big barrier to cross.


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