Turn dull and dreaded to energizing and effective

Turn dull and dreaded to energizing and effective


Meetings are the third major time waster in the world of work. As much as 50% of working time is spent in meetings, either group meetings or one-on-one meetings. In the estimate of almost everyone, at least 50% of this time is wasted. This means that as much as 25% of all working time is lost in meetings of one kind or another.

However, meetings are not an evil. Meetings are a necessary business tool for exchanging information, solving problems, and reviewing progress. But they must be managed and they must be used effectively.

 “I hate meetings. They waste too much time. People talk way too much” This may often be your thoughts when arriving to a meeting first thing on a Monday morning.  Meetings can be made to be productive and essential within your working business.  Here’s 5 way’s to try and make your meetings go from dull and dreaded to energizing and effective!

1. Keep it moving; change the style of your meetings from presentations, videos and team discussions.

2. Social Time; make your meeting start 10 minutes early and socialise so you get to know who your spending the hour long meeting with

3. Be prepared so there are no pauses and it will make the meeting go a lot faster

4. Ask questions, make suggestions!

5. Keep notes and circulate minutes


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